valmex® — throughout Germany
We have ensured that our products are available in large areas of Europe via certified dealers of X-ray supplementaries. These experienced dealers are our partners and guarantee in addition to our quality the service you need.

valmex® — Headquarters Augsburg
Our location Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany, founded by the Romans. World famous are the "Fuggerei," the first social settlement in the world, which still tells of the power and wealth of Augsburgian merchant-princes, the mediveal cathedral and the buildings of the Renaissance. For centuries, Augsburg was and is a center of trade, business and industry, internationally already known in the 17th Century for "Augsburg silver" and fabrics. Since the mid-19th Century Augsburg is one of Germany's largest industrial sites. Today, Augsburg is the headquarter of many companies with international standing: KUKA, Siemens, NCR, EAD, MAN; Valmex e.g. are among the "global players" which have chosen Augsburg as German or worldwide headquarters.