Welcome to valmex®
Valmex is distributor of X-ray films in radiological diagnosis since 1985 and trade partner for selected Carestream / Kodak X-ray-products since the year 2000.
We see our task in providing mid-price and high-quality products for radiology - both in analog x-ray as well as in digital products.

The image-quality is the decisive criterion for a safe and clear x-ray-diagnosis.
Valmex X-ray films are optimized for the exposure with Valmex-intensifier-screens and Valmex chemicals. They also achieve optimum contrast, high sensitivity and a pleasant color when using other commercially available film/screen-systems and with developing chemicals of other manufacturers.
The Valmex DRSystems "X-ray plug & ray" guarantees you safe and rapid digital X-ray. Without lengthy installation, without complete exchange of your X-ray facility you experience with X-ray plug & ray" the diagnostic and storage of X-ray images on the technical state of today.
Radiation Hygiene is important today than ever before!
Valmex -film/screen systems and Valmex DR-Systems "X-ray plug & ray" allows pictures with the lowest radiation exposure of patients and staff as a function of the diagnostic question. The burden of the X-ray tube is therefore reduced and thereby extends the life of the emitter. [weiter>>]
Valmex analog X-ray products are available exclusively through authorized dealers / X-ray technicians. Germany and Europe wide: We have ensured that our products are available at retailers throughout Germany and with selected dealers europewide. These experienced dealers are our partners and guarantee besides our quality the service you want. If you have any questions regarding film systems, or want to know about a dealer in your area please follow this [weiter>>]
Valmex digital X-ray products, "X-Store" are distributed and installed.in cooperation with experienced X-ray technicians. These are our partners who provide -in addition to our guaranteed quality - your needed service at any time.If you have questions about Valmex digital X-ray products, "X-ray plug & ray" please follow this [weiter>>]