Digital x-ray
valmex offers an easy solution, moderate priced DR-System for the radiography. The main difference between the already available DR-Units and the x-store-DR is that the valmex solution is an "Add On-", or "Retrofit"- solution. Already existing components of the x-ray equipment, a.e. generators, tables, etc can be kept and the system only will be expanded or completed with the digital DR element, just eliminating darkroom and developing machinery.

The main components of the valmex Xstore DR "plug & ray" system are:

High resolutions detectors, acquiring the picture within seconds ready to examine for the viewer, therewith improving the work flow and connected diagnostic findings. Following detectors and formats are for selection:
  • Detector size14 x 17 inch - either selenium - or Caesium-iodide-detector
  • Detector size 17 x 17 inch - selenium-detector
  • Detector size 8 x 10 inch - selenium-detector

  • Buckys:
    The Buckys are prepared for all common uses and are able to be integrated into the existing system within short time. Basically they are equipped with a three-field measuring chamber and a patented pendulum grid. For the size 14 x 17 inch the "Bucky" is equipped with an electro-engined rotation unit (portrait / landcape). The detectors can also be exchanged between two systems.
    Buckys are available as:
  • Bucky lower table
  • wall screen tripod
  • Universal Positioning Device or universal x-ray device

  • Software:
    The digital "postproduction" and the creation of the files in DICOM 3.0 format is guaranteed through the use of these two software components:
  • X Store Image Viewer Software
  • X Store PACS Software

  • The especially developed Xstore image viewer software works as a "Picture-Acquiring-Software" for the analysis of the digital information. Functions as measuring, angle, circumference and others can be carried out already in the "Pre-PACS-Stadium" by using this software. It allows the user also to control the generators directly by means of a touchscreen display or mouse click and guarantees therefore a transmission of the x-ray parameters, e.g. dose indicators, into the electronic x-ray journal.
    The Xstore-PACS-software guarantees the further diagnostic finding and estimation of the already produced picture information. The archive solutions and additional extensions of the PACS software makes it easy to configurate it to additional modalities and further individual use .
    As said before: with valmex - Xstore DR "plug and ray" digital x-ray is made easy, simple and just perfect.

    Valmex also is providing you with customized CR-solutions. Feel free to ask us about